In A Jar:Marinerade oliver/ olives  45.- Osttärningar/ cheddar cubes 45.- Salami 45.-

Jordnötter/ peanuts     Chilinötter/ chili nuts 39.-


Flatbread m habanero aioli 49.-

Mexican Corn Ribs with parmesan cheese, habanero-aioli and coriander 

Arancini with jalapeno and garlic dip, 

Fried mini squids with miso mayo 

Hot Cauliflower wings with blue cheese dressing 

Västerbottencheese cake topped with Matjes-herring 

Popcorn with caramelized sesame walnuts 

Smoked salmon and mayo mix with Swedish hardbread. 

Garlic bread with västerbotten cheese and habaioli dip. 



Mussels with blue cheese, onion, garlic, white wine, cream and smoked pork, baguette 

Mussels Asian style, onion, garlic, chili, cilantro, coconut cream, with baguette 

Meatballs with potato pureé, cream sauce, pickled cucumber, pickled beets, and lingonberries 

Summer smash burger, pepperjack cheese, mayo with garlic, cilantro, jalapeno and lime, pickled tomato, lettuce, marmalade with smoked pork and onions, fries 

Vegan black bean burger w. vegan garlic mayo, pickled tomato, lettuce, flatbreads, fries 

Pork chop with Dallas salad, red wine sauce and fries 

Potato Gnocchi with mushroom sauce, baked cherry tomatoes and fried black cabbage 


Glazed cinnamon roll, 

Homemade ice-cream 

Chocolate cake